Despite everyone's hopes, COVID-19 continues to be a serious concern. We value our role in the community, particularly as a gathering place for fun and entertainment. And the safety and comfort of our patrons and staff is our top priority. In order to provide as safe and relaxing an environment as possible, we will continue to require proof of vaccination for all patrons eligible to receive a vaccine.

Since local and state governments have chosen to leave safety precautions up to the discretion of individuals and individual businesses, we are doing our best to consult experts and follow scientifically-backed best practices to provide as safe a viewing experience as possible. We are constantly monitoring the situation in the state and region and will update this policy as often as we need to.

No one is more eager than us for these safety measures to no longer be necessary. Please continue to stay safe, wear masks, and get vaccinated/boosted when you can.

The following policies are in effect...

~ Patrons 12 and over must be fully vaccinated. This means 2 shots of Pfizer or Moderna. Or, if you received the single J&J vaccine, a booster after 5 months is required. 

~Children 5-11 can be partially vaccinated but must be 10 days out from their first shot. (obviously, no ID required here)

~Your actual vaccine card or a picture of it on your phone are both acceptable forms. Everyone old enough to have an ID (high school and older) will be expected to show it corresponding to their vaccine card. 

~ ALL PATRONS must wear masks in all areas, except when enjoying snacks in your seat. Masks cover your mouth AND nose. Cut up t-shirts, folded bandanas, etc. do not provide actual protection for you or others, and are not acceptable masks. Our staff will have medical-grade masks available for $1 if you do not have a sufficient one.


~ Please do not sit in the theatre for the entire film with your mask off. This makes other people uncomfortable. You're not actively eating for 2.5 hours, as fun as that would be.

~ If our staff has to repeatedly ask you to wear your mask properly, or if you hassle our staff about these policies, you will be asked to leave. 

~ If you are found to be using a fake vaccine card, you will be banned from the theatre. 

~ We're all tired of this. We're all doing our best. Movies are fun. They are not inalienable rights. Don't be a jerk.