Single movie passes can be purchased for the same price as a ticket. Child/Senior/Matinee: $8
Adult: $10
Season's Passes:
We also offer season's passes. See 10 movies for the cost of 9! They work like punch cards, and are good for a full year!
Child/Senior/Matinee: $72
Adult: $90

Refreshment Cards
Refreshment cards can be used toward all of our snacks and beverages. 
They can be purchased for any amount. A $5 card will be worth $5 at the concession stand, an $8 card will be worth $8, etc.

The Bottomless Bucket

We're serious about our popcorn, and you should be too! A bucket holds the same amount as our large popcorn bag, and you can get refills for a super reduced price ALL YEAR!  Plus, they're washable, reusable, and collectible!

$16 gets you a bucket, and if you're seeing a movie when you buy it, get the first fill as a bonus!

*We accept Cash, & all major credit cards, but unfortunately, we cannot accept American Express